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ON LOCATION: 18/11/17 - 19/11/17 - A Good Weekend For Photography

Recently it rained a lot, the walkways got really muddy. That's why I haven't been on a walk for a while now. But I definitely wanted to capture the autumn colours. The last weekend was just perfect for photography. I still didn't go for a morning walk but I've been to some really nice places.

Saturday morning I visited a rather spectacular place to experience in November, a rape field in full bloom. It's situated on the outskirt of our village. It's been in bloom for a couple of weeks now but so far the weather conditions never favoured photography. This time I had luck. No rain and beautiful sunrise welcomed me. I targeted a lone tree on the edge of the rape field. I took a couple of shots from different angles and this was the best. The clouds in the sky just contributed perfectly to the composition which makes it really exceptional for me.

Late Autumn Bloom

The best place to see beautiful autumn colours is the woods. Sunday morning I visited a nearby wooden area. It's called Foxholes, a nature reserve looked after by the Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust. I don't know the place quite good yet. I arrived almost 40 minutes before sunrise and spent the first hour with just walking in the woods to get into the mood with a hope of finding perfect compositions. Unfortunately an hour wasn't long enough for that. At about 15-20 minutes after sunrise when the rays of the Sun just started to break through the tree branches I stopped to take a couple of shots. Although they give back the essence of autumn I wouldn't consider them as perfect compositions.

But nevermind, next autumn I can come back for better compositions. Of course that didn't mean at all that I felt depressed or unsatisfied. Just walking in the woods is more than enough to relax and fill my energy level. And you just have to accept you can't every time have the "Photo Of The Year" when you are out and about.

The Sunday afternoon I spent together with my family. We visited a National Trust site, Hidcote Manor Garden. The estate has a fabulous garden which is truly amazing from early Spring to late Autumn. We spent about 2.5 hours here walking and playing with the kids so it was a quality time together. I also took my camera as I knew there would be some nice lights and tones worth capturing. And I was right...