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ON LOCATION: 26/06/17 - Sunrise, Sensor Reflections

I kicked off this week with a Monday morning sunrise shoot. I tried to take some nice shots of our village but I couldn't really find the right angle of view and the sky wasn't much to my liking either. Fortunately there was a trailer on the field which was really nicely touched by the rays of the rising sun and the clouds lined up also nicer in that direction.

The photos were taken by my Zeiss Loxia 21mm F2.8 lens. Theoretically it creates a beautiful sun star with 10 rays. On the first photo you can see the doubled rays and the spots around the body of the sun. This is caused by the Sony A7's famous sensor reflection. Sometimes it's really annoying. I took a couple of shoots but this was the one where the effect was the least pronounced. You can see the crop below and one from another shot which was far worse. There are pictures where you can do something with it in post-processing but unfortunately it can't be fixed that easy.  This time I haven't touched it at all as I wasn't satisfied with the overall look of the photo so it didn't really matter.