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ON LOCATION: 17/07/17 - Gorgeous Sunrise & Terrible Manual Focusing

I woke up early on Monday morning as nice clear sky was promised by the weather forecast. I picked the location from my previous photo walk. There is a very nice view from the footpath running along the ridge about 20 minutes walk from the village. My plan was to take a panorama with my Zeiss 55mm F1.8 lens at sunrise and some test photos for my review with the new Samyang AF 35mm F2.8 AFWhen I reached there I started to fiddle with my tripod to get it perfectly levelled for the panorama. I didn't realise that I had only 10 minutes left before sunrise. I still had to attached my filter holder and the graduated ND filter. So I was in a rush to get the shots of the rising Sun. Eventually it resulted in completely out of focus photos. I left the lens stopped down at F11 when I was setting the focus. It is really hard to tell at F11 where the sharp area is. Of course I didn't to manage to find it. The photo seems alright at small picture size but it's not going to be my success story. After this I started to use the Samyang. A bit later the lights were amazing. The rays of the Sun came filtered through a thin layer of clouds drawing a nice star but they were strong enough to give back light for the plants in the foreground. Although I couldn't get the panorama I still felt good when I opened that raw file at home in the editor. Conclusion is, always leave an extra 10-15 minutes reserve before the actual shooting. If everything is prepared you can still enjoy the view while waiting for the magic to happen.