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ON LOCATION: 23/07/17 - 30/07/17 - Cornwall, The Landscape Photographer's Paradise

I spent a week Holiday in Cornwall. It wasn't especially a photo tour but Cornwall offers so much for landscape enthusiasts you just cannot come home without at least a long exposure. I managed to experience three sunsets during our stay. On the first two the lights were above average. The 3rd evening was also really promising but at the end the magic didn't happen.


It's part of a long heritage coast stretching from St. Ives Bay to Porthreath. Lots of nice coves and interesting rock formations can be found here. I picked one not far from Godrevy Head. It was a gamble because just an hour before sunset there were absolutely no clouds on the sky. But that's the beauty of taking seascapes, conditions can change within minutes. Eventually some small clouds crawled in from behind filling the sky around the horizon. I took about 5-6 images until sunset but this one became my favourite.

Godrevy Lighthouse

The next day the forecast also promised clear sky about sunset. At Godrevy there is a lighthouse standing on a small island about a half a mile from the coast, ideally placed for sunset in the summer. Again I took a couple of images with shorter and longer exposure time. This time I used a Sony app on my camera called "Smooth Reflections". It combines a series of shots into a blurred long exposure. The app gives the best results when your single exposures are longer than 1 second as it only takes an actuation in every second. With using a ND64 filter it was not a problem. My favourite image was when the Sun shone through some thin clouds giving magical hazy light around the lighthouse.

St. Agnes

On the 3rd occasion the circumstances wasn't optimal. It was the top of the high tide; also clouds and shower were expected. But I took the chance and headed to a small cove on this beautiful heritage cost. An hour before sunset it seemed that the cloud would move away but in a half an hour they got even thicker. But there was a slight opening above the horizon which seemed promising. I was waiting till the sun reached that gap. That's when the last image was born.