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PHOTO WALK: 09/07/17 - Dewless Morning

Usually when I walk in the early morning I'm suffering from wet shoes because of the dew. But so far we haven't experienced much rain this summer and the last couple of weeks have been quite warm. So this time my shoes stayed dry during my walk. I went west into the direction of Great Rollright.

Just as I left the road I found a nice view. The light wasn't really special as behind me the sky was too cloudy around the Sun. But it still was worth a shot.

At the beginning of the walk I chose the d'Arcy Dalton way but I had to turn back as one of the field was full of cows. I don't really like to cross fields with bigger animals on it as they can do unexpected things, especially young cows. So I rather turned back and picked another track. After crossing the main road I returned to the d'Arcy Dalton way. I was really happy when I left the wheat fields and I found an area with poppies on it. Of course it's too late now but it can be a good project for the next year. I took a couple of photos and stitched a panorama from them.

Leaving the poppy field I also left d'Arcy Dalton way and carried on with my walk on a bridleway. Along the way the Rosebay Willowherbs (Chamaenerion angustifolium) were in full bloom. They're a good match for the blue sky.

The furthest point of my walk was Court farm. I walked back to Hook Norton on a slowly descending footpath. Here I found some nice light conditions and a beautiful view (No. 6.) which is definitely worth another visit. Altogether I walked about 6 miles. All of the photos were taken with my new Samyang 35mm F2.8 FE lens. I'm going to review this lens quite soon.