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PHOTO WALK: 24/09/17 - A beautiful start of the autumn

I haven't been on a photo walk recently. That was mainly because of the summer holiday. So I decided to go on a longer walk to get in shape again. I picked an approximately 8-mile-long route where I haven't been to yet. I went west toward the direction of Ascott, part of it was on Macmillan Way.

The weather was really beautiful. Basically no clouds, some mist, no wind at all and the temperature was around 12 °C. When I left the village the sunrise had already begun. So I just stopped for a photo. It wasn't the "magnificent" composition but the lights were really nice.

Before reaching Macmillan way I found some interesting spots (lone trees, pond in valley) which are probably worth a next visit in more interesting light conditions.

Then I entered the village of Ascott and followed Macmillan Way. At the end of the cul-de-sac it wasn't easy to find the path. Basically a house stood there and there was no sign at all where the path goes to. Eventually I realised that it passed by along the brick fence but you had to battle through the bushes. After leaving the village the path was ascending and from the top of the hill the view was amazing. I took two pictures from here, a normal and a panoramic. I used my new Zeiss Loxia 35mm F2 lens here. Unfortunately I was too lazy and I managed to screw up the panoramic. I could have accidentally touched the focus ring during the procedure as all the images were totally blurred and out-of-focus. So this is the only image left.

Leaving the Macmillan Way I wanted to walk back on the shortest available footpath. I had to realise it lead through a farm. When I reached there I decided to turn back a take the road instead. There were to many buildings and of course no signs so I just didn't know where to go to. And I didn't want to bump into wandering dogs. I don't like crossing farms, when I have a chance I try to avoid them and pick a different route. When walking back I found some nice light rays coming through the tree branches. Again there was nothing special around them but still worth a shot.

The walk took me around 2.5 hours and I felt really well when I got home. I spotted some nice places, the circumstances were excellent so I couldn't imagine a better start of a day.