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ON LOCATION: 07/01/18 - Return To Southerndown, Wales

After my last visit I decided to check the tide times of this beach in advance and put it in my calendar in case it matches with the sunset. Last Sunday it happened so and also the weather forecast promised sunny sky. I drove down with my family for a seaside stroll and also to take some sunset shots. It was a good decision.

The weather wasn't really friendly, freezing cold with strong wind so we took our ski overalls which proved to be a wise choice. This time I wanted to discover a different part of this beautiful beach so I walked north from the car park. While walking the coast I also found that this area offers not only seascapes but also macros and abstracts. The golden sand contain some black particles, I don't really know what they are, which can form very interesting shapes caused by the retreating waves. 

Interesting sand formations

There are also bigger rocks around. Unfortunately they are too close to the cliffs' edge and therefore far from the water during the peak of the low tide. This time there was no chance of composing them in my photos. As the sky was almost cloudless I searched for compositions where the ground could be the main point of interest. Luckily this coast is nothing short of them. 

The boulders and cliffs of Southerdown beach

Basically I wanted a fairly simple picture with only a couple of elements. I followed the same strategy as last time. I started with the furthest spot then I slowly walked back. But here the boulders were too close to each other for a simple composition. I rather looked for patterns. I managed to find a view with the wide lens where they kinda follow a rather diagonal and zigzag line leading towards the Sun.

Boulders bathing in sunset light

The next stop was only about a hundred yards away. Here a big piece of the rocky seabed was very nicely exposed reflecting back the gentle rays of the Sun. I couldn't resist it although I didn't managed to frame it properly into 3:2. At home I changed it to 4:3 during post-processing. I like this way this much more.

Rock layers of the bottom

At last but not least I managed to find my simple composition. A big lone boulder heavily covered with sponges was waiting for me. It had a nice stream too which contributed really well to the photo leading the eye between foreground and background.

Sponge covered lone rock

I enjoyed the afternoon a lot. It was a completely different shoot than last time. I know I'm going to come back soon again as I already have some ideas on my mind. One thing is sure, I'm going to wait until it gets a bit warmer. :)