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ON LOCATION: 15/05/18 - Wild Garlic And Bluebells

As I mentioned in my last post I had planned to shoot Bluebells and Wild Garlic by the stream next to my village. Weather-wise the last two evenings were really nice so I grabbed my camera bag and left with hope to shoot some nice close-up photos. This time I decided to leave my tripod at home and bring only one lens, the Samyang 135mm F2. Beside that I only took some macro extension tubes with me. The minimum focusing distance of this lens is about 80 cm which in some cases can be too far. An approximately 20 mm long extension ring can reduce this down to 50-60 cm. That is much better when shooting smaller subjects. The wild garlic is in full bloom now in the woods. While hunting for macro compositions I occasionally stopped when I saw an interesting wider composition. I kept only one after the post-processing. I think it shows exactly how beautiful the woods is this time of the year.

Wild Garlic by the stream

There were two challenges I had to cope with. The first one was the very quickly changing light. I wanted to take photographs where the rays of the setting sun are touching the flowers highlighting them. But around sunset and in the woods it is extremely challenging. There is no time here to setup the tripod or to think about the composition. You have to react very quickly, duck down and take the shots otherwise the light has already gone. Sometimes I managed to get the photo I wanted and sometimes not. The other challenge was my macro extension tube. The Samyang 135mm F2 lens doesn't sit too stiff on the camera mount. And unfortunately the mechanic construction of my cheap extension tubes is really poor. Probably it's a manufacturing tolerance issue. So the lens attached to the tube is very loose and becomes wobbly. So badly that you can even see some light leaks when the lens cap is on. I think I need to replace it with a sturdier construction. As the idiom says: buy cheap, buy twice...

Both evenings I spent an hour around sunset by the stream and these photos became my favourites. I'm not overly satisfied with them but at least there is some room for improvement left for next year too :)