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ON LOCATION: 10/08/18 - Gower peninsula

I had a free weekend without my family at the beginning of August so I decided to go somewhere and have a photo weekend. I wanted to go to the seaside to take some seascapes. I can either go to Wales or down to Dorset, they are the same distance from home. The last couple of years I spent some time at the south coast, now I rather picked Wales. I wanted to visit the Gower peninsula where I’ve already been to but that wasn’t a photo orientated trip. This time I focused on it as a photography location.

I already prepared my gear Thursday evening so I could leave straight after work on Friday at 12:00. The trip took a half an hour longer as the traffic picked up a bit. But finally I checked in to my accommodation. After changing my clothes I jumped back to my car and started the discovery. First I visited the Mumbles to figure out if I can park close to the lighthouse next morning around Sunrise. It turned out that there is a car park next to the restaurant which seemed suitable. I was happy. I didn’t spend to much time as my final destination was Worm’s Head in Rhossili. I arrived at the car park (National Trust) around half five. There were lots of people around walking the area. I grabbed my gear and walked out till I reached the Old Coastguard Station. I was looking for compositions. After around an hour walk I identified some and headed back to my car. I sat there for a while and had my sandwiches. An hour before Sunset I walked back and now I took my tripod too. It was a really nice evening people also stayed there to watch the beautiful Sunset.

Girls Watching Sunset….Of course smartphones cannot be left home

My final composition contained Worm’s Head and the little white shed in the foreground. I found this one the most pleasing where there were strong lines leading the eyes around the picture. I took the shot just around 15 minutes before Sunset when the Sun were still strong enough to light up the foreground.

Worm’s Head Sunset

While I was walking back to my car I stopped for just one last shot as the sky was still spectacular. Then I drove back to my accommodation and prepared everything for next morning.

Rhossili Beach After Sunset

Next morning I had to wake up around 4:45 to be at the Mumbles Lighthouse early enough for the Sunset. It was just a 15 minutes drive from my B&B. First I started to take some photos with my Zeiss Loxia 21mm F2.8 but after a shot or two I realised that the composition didn’t work. I move a bit away to see it from a different angle and I attached my Zeiss Loxia 35mm F2 to the camera. That gave me a narrower view which I liked more. I also attached my NISI filters, the polarizer, 3 Stop Soft Graduated ND and the ND1000 filter to smoothen the water. I took a coupe of exposure and finally this one left as favourite.

Mumbles Lighthouse At Sunrise

It was around 6:15am when I decided to leave. The day was still ahead and I knew that there was going to be overcast all day which is perfect for shooting waterfalls. I decided to visit the famous four falls walk in the Brecon Beacons. It was just 40 minutes away by car. Next time I’m going to talk about it in detail. Stay tuned…