Marcell Jarvas

I was born in Hungary. At present I live in Oxfordshire and work as an electronics engineer. Photography is my hobby. I got my first film camera when I was 14 but my photography really started to develop with the digital technology around 2008. I've always been drawn to nature so it's obvious that I mainly focus on this subject. When I moved to the United Kingdom with my family I discovered its magnificent coastline. My passion became landscapes and seascapes but I also do lot of macro photography. I like the landscapes of Ansel Adams, Sebastian Salgado and the simple and clean style of Micheal Kenna and Bruce Percy. Long exposures are my favourites as they show a different face of nature we can't perceive with our eyes. In macro photography I really like to use a kind of impressionist style created by telephoto lenses.

I hope you enjoy my work. You can follow me on Flickr or Google+ just click on the icons on the navigation bar.